The Pierce City school district recently completed the program evaluation for the district Wellness Program. This evaluation takes place once every three years and is was approved during the October 25, 2017 regular board meeting.

Pierce City R-VI
Program Evaluation Plan of Wellness Program
Date: 10/24/2017

Evaluation Committee:
● Corine O’Hara-Food Service Director
● Kim Jones- Wellness Coordinator
● Sarah Elbert- District Nurse
● Bryan Stellwagen- Board of Education Member
● Charity Rakoski- Middle School Principal
● Kristi Marion-Elementary Principal
● Steve Garner- High School Principal
● Russ Moreland- Superintendent of Schools

Program Description:
● Provide developmentally appropriate and sequential nutrition and physical
education as well as opportunities for physical activity.
Program Objectives & Goals:
● Promote student health, reduce student overweight/obesity, facilitate student
learning of lifelong health habits and increase student achievement.
Collection of Data and Data Sources
● Committee survey over the wellness procedure followed by committee discussion
and review of the survey.

Program Strengths:
● Follow USDA guidelines for snacks served during the day
● Collaboration between staff and food service regarding appropriate regulations
● Water refilling stations
● Healthy fruits and vegetables grant
● Constant effort to follow fundraising guidelines

Program Concerns:
● Parent involvement with the wellness program
● Consistent personnel to supervise middle and high school lunchroom
● Better communication with staff and parents regarding nutritional guidelines

Recommendations of Program Improvement:
● Student interview and social media of food service director regarding guidelines
● Schedule parent involvement opportunities with other scheduled parent
organization events
● Post nutritional tips of the week via school app and social media
● Promote use of the Nutrislice app