JH Archery team

Congratulations to the JH Archery Team! They qualified at Nationals to compete at the World Championship in June. Good luck, Archers!

Eli Adams 285 points:

  • Middle School Boys Rank: 48 out of 2941

  • 7th Grade Boys Rank:17 out of 1037

  • Overall Boys Rank: 272 out of 7574

Scott Marshall 275 points:

  • Middle School Boys Rank: 334 out of 2941

  • 8th Grade Boys Rank: 151 out of 993

  • Overall Boys Rank: 1134 out of 7574

Isabell Wilcock 270 points:

  • Middle School Girls Rank: 442 out of 2635

  • 8th Grade Girls Rank: 196 out of 928

  • Overall Girls Rank: 1337 out of 6920

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Many of our archers were named as Academic Archers: Eli Adams, Scott Marshall, Isabell Wilcock, Makenna Baker, Shilah Brittenham, Rose Leavitt, Jesse Lombard, Raijin Yang, Katy Leavitt, and Clara Hull. Great job!