Monday November 20, the Lady Eagles hosted the Cassville Lady Wildcats to start their basketball games for the 2017-2018 season. The Lady Eagles have been working hard during practices. They played hard through out the entire game. The Lady Eagles took a hard fought loss, with scores of 1st Quarter: 10-8, 2nd Quarter: 20-20, 3rd Quarter: 25-29, Final Score: 30-36.  

Starters for the Lady Eagles are:

Senior: Belle Golubski , Senior: Ragan Blinzler , Senior: Emily Drollinger , Junior: Kendyl Hayward , Freshman: Leslie Jones

Substitutes for the Lady Eagles are:

Junior: Lexi Eck , Sophomore: Jerika Brown , Sophomore: Donielle Brottlund , Freshman: Katie Tindell , Freshman: Madi Gripka.