Bond Construction
PC Schools
Monday, April 01, 2019

PC Bond Construction Updates 

Last April, the Voters approved a No Tax Increase Bond. Since that time, things have been busy at school!!! 

July 2018: 

  • Demolish old Middle School and old Ag Shop 
  • Pay off High School Roof Lease 

August 2018: 

  • New Maintenance Shop 
  • New Football Field Lights 

December 2018: 

  • Accepted the Branco Bid for the following projects: 
    • New High School Office 
    • Middle School - High School Corridor 
    • Stadium Bathrooms 
    • Vo-Ag Corridor 
    • Elementary Bathroom Remodel 
    • High School Gym Roof 
    • High School HVAC System 
    • Elementary Roof and HVAC System

 All these projects are scheduled to be completed by the First Day of School in August.