District Counselor Services


Travis Van Horn, Elementary Counselor Courtney Garner, Middle School Counselor
Email: tvanhorn@pcschools.net Email: cgarner@pcschools.net
Phone: 417-476-2255 ext. 215 Phone: 417-476-2842 ext. 315
Fax: 417-476-5446 Fax: 417-476-5405
Jackie Nelson, High School Counselor  
Email: jnelson@pcschools.net  
Phone: 417-476-2515 ext. 415  
Fax: 417-476-3516  

Pierce City 1st State Bank

Decatur Lodge

Pierce City Howdy Neighbor Days Community Service (you will need to include community service you have done)

Pierce City Eagle Pride Scholarship

Ridpath Carver Memorial Scholarship

Doug Weatherly Memorial Scholarship

Earle & Roseanne Staponski Memorial Scholarship

Shelter Insurance Scholarship

Another good website for financial aid and scholarships, go to www.fastweb.com 

Would you like to refer your child to speak with a counselor? 

Below is a referral form that a parent can use if they want to request that their elementary child speak with a counselor. These services can be regarding bullying, academic obstacles, behavioral issues, or anything that you are concerned about. Once you submit the form, it will be immediately sent to Mr. Van Horn and he will make necessary arrangements to help your child as quickly as possible.

Referral Form

ACT and Finacial Aid Information


Check in regularly for upcoming ACT registration guidelines and test dates. You can also find college and career information, financial aid, test preparation strategies, and FAQ's.


U.S. Department of Education

Federal Student Aid. Want to know about scholarships, loans, savings, military aid? FAFSA is here to help! 


Looking for scholarships, internships, colleges and more?
 Bullying Information
 www.stopbullying.gov What is bullying? Who is at risk? How to respond to bullying. 
Undestanding bullying and the behaviors.
www.cnn.com/bullying When bullying goes high-tech. Affects of cyberbullying for young teens.
 Social Media - Keeping An Eye On Your Kids 
The importance of being you. Think before you post.  
 www.facebook.com/safety/parents Tools for parents and educators. How do I report a child under 13? Can I monitor my child's activity on Facebook? What if my teen knows someone who is being bullied? 
www.checkupnewsroom.com/dangerousapps  7 dangerous Apps that parents need to know about. 
www.webmd.com/parenting Social Media: what parents must know. 
Adjusting to Middle School
www.additudemag.com Strategies for ADHD and LD.
 www.scholastic.com/parents/recources A Brave New World. Going from top dog on the block to the new puppy. What to expect and how to lend support. 
www.tweenparenting.com Preparing your child for middle school. 
www.scholastic.com.biggestfears 5th and 6th graders biggest fears
Study Skills
www.ncld.org Extra help for students with learning disasbilities.
Making and Keeping Friends
www.pbs.org/understanding friendships Ideas on understanding middle school friendships. 
www.tweenparenting.about.com/socialdevelopment How to keep friends.
Getting Along with Teachers
www.pbskids.org/itsmylife Skillz for kids.
www.psychcentral.com When a teacher and child do not get along.