Missouri law grants the Board of Education the power to govern and oversee the management of the district's schools. The board is the policy-making body within the District and has overall responsibility for curriculum, school taxes, annual budget, employment of the Superintendent and other professional staff, facilities, and expansions. The Board has complete and final control over school matters within limits established by state and federal law and regulations. The Board of Education is elected by the citizens of the district to represent the community's commitment to a strong educational program for the District's children. Board members are elected at large and serve without compensation, must be registered voters and must reside within the District.

The Board of Education usually meets the fourth Wednesday of every month with open session beginning at 6:00 PM and closed session starting after the open session in the board conference room. All meetings are open to the public. In certain circumstances, Missouri law permits the Board to go into a closed session. Circumstances that may be included are personnel issues, including conferences with employees and employee complaints, security matters, student discipline, or to consult with attorneys regarding pending litigation, real estate property acquisition, etc.

Board of Education 2020-2021

President: Mr. Bryan Stellwagen

Vice President: Mr. Kodie O'Hara

Treasurer: Mr. Kenny Fenske

Member: Mr. Larry Zebert

Member: Mr. Zach Renkoski

Member: Mr. Lee Jones

Member: Mr. Jason Chapman

Secretary: Mrs. Melissa Yonker

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