District Building Hours: 7:30 AM - 4:15 PM (Tuesday - Friday)

Superintendent Office Hours: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Tuesday - Friday)

School Directions

300 Myrtle St.

Pierce City, MO 65723

Phone: 417-476-2555

Educational Philosophy

Recognizing each student as a unique individual, we believe that education should provide an opportunity for the maximum development of each individual within the limitations of his/her capacities. Through education, it is possible for the individual to discover and endeavor to achieve to the limits of his/her capacities.We believe that the role of the community in education must help the student realize his/her worth as an individual and should lead him/her toward becoming a productive member of society. Strong emphasis must be placed upon democratic values which are important for an effective and satisfying personal and social life.We believe that the role of the teacher in the education process is to provide opportunities for the individual to achieve at the maximum level of capacity, to create a learning situation in which individual motivation for learning is the stimulus for achievement, and to promote through teaching and example the principles of the democratic way of life. We believe that parents/guardians have definite responsibilities in education. They need to have a basic confidence in the school, and they need to impart this confidence to the students. The parents/guardians may do this by cooperating to the fullest with the school, by encouraging the student to give his/her best efforts to the daily school responsibilities, and by participating in school activities.We believe that the student must have responsibilities in the educational program of the community. The most important of these are attitude and self-discipline. The student is obligated to come with an open mind, equipped with all the necessary materials, ready to fulfill his/her responsibilities in the learning process. The basic attitude should be that the school is an institution of opportunity, staffed with trained personnel to help the student become a contributing member of society.


Pierce City R-VI school district is located in the southwest Missouri county of Lawrence, 43 miles southwest of Springfield, MO and includes a population of 1400. The school district has a population of 736 students with a 15:1 student to classroom teacher ratio. Pierce City is home to the Harold Bell Wright Museum and an annual Arts Festival. Notable Pierce Citians include ragtime composer Theron Bennett and artist Grace Tinker.Construction of the first school building in Pierce City was started in 1871 and completed in 1872. This fine red brick edifice was located at the top of Walnut Street and called Central School. It housed the elementary grades in the four large ground level room sand the high school in the top two "tower" rooms. In 1905 Pierce City High School moved out of "Old Central" and into the building, which had just been vacated by Pierce City Baptist College. The building had been erected in 1879 and stood approximately where the original main part of our campus stands now. On the snowy evening of January 18, 1918, this original building burned and was replaced by the building our students now refer to as the "old building". The first high school's students moved into this building in December 1921. Time and progress have enlarged our facilities to their current occupation of more than two city blocks. We are currently involved in a building program that will add a new Middle School and Agriculture building. The future will surely hold more growth and progress. In May, 2003 Pierce City received national attention after being struck by an F-3 tornado. Approximately 90 percent of the historic downtown business district and homes nearby were severely damaged.