Tools for Teaching with Technology

EdPuzzle allows you to add questions, notes, and audio notes to a video.  As students watch your EdPuzzle edition of the video, they will see the video pause and will be asked to answer questions keeping them engaged with the video presentation.  Great tool for use with a flipped class, lesson for a substitute, or lesson introducing a new topic.


Changes another boring video into an engaging educational tool!  EduCannon allows you to insert pauses into your video allowing students to demonstrate their understanding.  EduCannon also allows you to track their progress by showing you which videos that each student has watched along with their scores on the questions that you inserted into the video presentation. Made for teachers by teachers!


If you like Prezi, you'll love EMaze.  It's the lastest trend in presentation tools! Students zoning out from PowerPoints?

Try EMaze

You'll be amazed at EMaze!


Need to show your students how to do something on the computer?  Turn on Screencast-o-matic and everything from your screen. 

Students need more instruction? Add audio narration. 

Forgot to emphasize a point?  Add a note or caption.

Storytelling?  Reading practice? Flipped Class? The uses are endless for this app!


Create sets of flashcards for students to use for review or let them make the flashcards then share them with others in the class.  Try out the games that can be used with the flashcards after they've been made, or turn them into a test!  It's a versatile study tool that you and your students will love.

Free Internet Tools
10 Tech Tools to Teach the Common Core Standards

SimpleK12 is a teacher learning community that shares technology ideas.

You can join for free, and receive relatively simple ideas for incorporating technology in your classroom. 

This link will take you to one of their documents

Collaborize Classroom

Provide a collaborative platform for discussion by teachers and students online.  Different types of questions available. Reports and graphs provided from discussion results.  Teacher monitored with weekly report.  Topics available from other teachers.

Icon Finder

Free Icons!  Cool resource for finding all kinds of icons and it's searchable!  No more need to spend all that time browsing!

Kid Blog

Safe, Free, Secure blog site for classrooms!

MEL: Michigan eLibrary

An online resources for Michigan educators, but no reason we can’t use it, tooJ  You can search by standard or subject, then click an icon that looks like a little monitor and voila! There you will find a variety of online resources—ranging from PDF to video.

Open Culture

Free resources for students and teachers.  Everything from online courses to eBooks!


Cool, Free Site to create cartoons!  Great way for students to get creative with their presentations!

Wiki Spaces

Online forum for classroom discussions.

Class Dojo

Immediate behavior feedback tool.  Great for Middle School and Elementary grades.  Students see their points for positive and negative classroom behavior immediately in a non-threatening way.


3d Popup book creation.  Great for story telling, book reports. 

Word Sift

Copy your text into their site and create a Word Cloud for discussion.

Word Clouds

Create word clouds to improve vocabulary, start discussions, etc.  Free!


Online, Interactive Posters!


A cloud]based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides.

The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connections between them.

The result: visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of discovery.


Great free resource for online educational tools.  Searchable by subject and/or grade level.

Positive Engagement

The Positive Engagement Project is a nonprofit organization created by teachers for teachers. On this website, you'll find a page of really great activities you can use in the classroom, free to download.


Smartboard tools and lessons.  Preview before you download! Search by subject and/or grade level.

Movie Maker Tools
Download Youtube videos

Here's another easy site to use to safely download Youtube videos to use in your classroom. 

Bring up the video in Youtube.  Click Share.  Copy the embedding code.

Open this link.  Paste the code into the box and click the download button next to the box.

This site uses Java and sometimes it takes a few minutes for Java to load.  Be patient, please.  It's worth it!

Choose your desired format (we recommend one of the MP4's)

YouTube Downloader for Mozilla

Found a great YouTube while at home and want to save it to show at school?  Here's a site to use to download these and format them for viewing at school.

File format Conversion

Resource for formatting files into another format.

File Type Conversion Tool

Need to change from MP4 to WMV?  Don't know?

Often files come downloaded in the wrong format and won't work  with Movie Maker or other software with which you may be working.  Here's a resource that may be used to convert many formats.

Free Music

Resource for music.  These are free for student use for school projects only

Sound Effects

Resource for music and sound effects

Office clipart

Pictures, sounds, icons available for Microsoft Office 2010

Tips on taking better shots

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